We are filmmakers located in Austin TX.  We create no-budget independent films and with our friends. We study film at UT and want to share our love of comedy and cinema to the world.

We are young and want to connect our generation with others through laughter, kindness, and above all a genuine hope for the future. 

Watch Kent and his friends try to enjoy one crazy Summer Night now!

Meet our amazing friends who helped make Summer Night possible!

And we couldn't have done this without these folks too!

Sam Moore, Leah Villarreal, Martin Urbano, Ryan Wade, Lauren Ussery, Christian Haigis, Heather Finnigan, Jake Palmer, Justin Perez, Steve Schrader, Andrew Dismukes, Andrew Clarkston, Daniel Abramson, Spencer Beghtol, Isaac Benavidez, Christian Decuire, Marina Deyoe Pedraza, Kyle Grier, Kay Krasin, Daniel Kwak, George O’Connor, Sherry O’Connor, Xavier Rotnofsky, Andrew Stier, Annie Tadvick, Woody Wilson

Bill Miller BBQ, Bert's BBQ, House Pizzeria,
Ruby's BBQ, and Hi Hat Public House

Reviews of Summer Night

I didn’t really get what it was about or what the point of it was, but I found it enjoyable to watch nonetheless
— Redditor warlock0187
The scenes’ improvised nature create a naturalistic, faux-documentary atmosphere to the events.
— Greg Hill-Turner (Next Projection)
This reminds me of the Summer my buddy got his first camera and just filmed everything.
— Redditor aintaghost
I commend the director Kent Juliff for his vivid portrayal of normal people and normal life and I don’t think you’ll see better camera work anywhere. The directorship and cinematography were truly mesmerizing and some of the shots were incredible.
— Alex Cole (Battle Royale with Cheese)