We are filmmakers located in Austin TX.  We create no-budget independent films and with our friends. We study film at UT and want to share our love of comedy and cinema to the world.

We are young and want to connect our generation with others through laughter, kindness, and above all a genuine hope for the future. 

Day 6

This morning we watched Narrative Shorts Block 2, where we both loved the work by MP Cunningham and Henry Kaplan.  

This party was brought to you by Monster Energy.

This party was brought to you by Monster Energy.

Talk about Happy Hour?  This was a Happy Day!  Filmmakers had free drinks available from 2-4pm and 6-8pm.  Kent and I were glad we went to the early one because there we met the Canadian team who made the comedy feature Withdrawn.  This slice of life comedy was SO good and filled with memorable scenes.  

After that, we saw On The Sly: In Search for the Family Stone, an incredible documentary following the journey of one Sly and the Family Stone mega-fan in his quest to meet the frontman himself.  It was very emotional, and damn, did he put his heart into it!  

We are reaching the end of the festival and are looking forward to seeing what our last day has in store.