We are filmmakers located in Austin TX.  We create no-budget independent films and with our friends. We study film at UT and want to share our love of comedy and cinema to the world.

We are young and want to connect our generation with others through laughter, kindness, and above all a genuine hope for the future. 

Day 4

After several early mornings in a row, today we got some much needed rest.

It ended up being the best possible day to sleep in because it snowed SO much.  I think everyone chose to stay inside longer too.  We began our afternoon running to wi-fi so that I could access my online Archaeology course.  Meanwhile, Kent went to see What Lies Upstream which sounds like it was a very important documentary about how little access there is to clean drinking water in this world.  Worth checking out if you see it in theaters or online someday soon.  I saved seats for Kent and our friends to see Automatic at Sea, a dreamy film about a Swedish traveller.  The film featured an AMAZING performance by Breeda Wool, someone you may recognize if you watched Season One of UnReal.

Kent and I participated in an immersive gaming experience called Bad News.  It was particularly fun to do together because we both haven't stretched our improv muscles in quite sometime.  Shouts out to the hardworking, enthusiastic team that runs that system.  Such a FUN experience! 

We closed out the night with our friends at a party simply called "Canadian Party."  I believe the event was sponsored, because it was stocked!! So many drinks. And people!!